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Raising a strong daughter

Raising a strong daughter

Good Morning America did a great segment this morning on what girls think it means to be a strong female.

When asked what it means to be a powerful woman the girls replied:


“don’t show off”

“just do it”

“they feel good about themselves, and they’re just strong.”

Great responses to what is a pretty difficult question! I’m still thinking about how I raise my own daughter so that she will answer this question (and others like it!) similarly. How will I get her to know her own power?

GMA offered five ways to raise a strong daughter and all of them are great (most important: teaching about social media and commercial messages), but they left off books!

Introducing books to your daughter that have strong, main characters who are female is a good place to start. But there’s also books about girls changing the world, and so many great books for girls that focus on health and awareness of current issues, etc. As the mom of a baby, I’m also absolutely in love with the new genre of feminist baby books: Feminist Board Books, Little Trailblazer, She Persisted… so many!

Let’s read some books!

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